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I am a well-known musician in Finland, recognized for my skills as a recorder player, saxophonist, and singer. I warmly welcome you to my website!

My performances cover a wide range of styles and settings. I excel as a soloist, collaborating with symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, pop music bands, and also as a solo artist. You can find samples of my work on YouTube and various other social media platforms.

One of my primary goals is to restore the reputation of the recorder, an instrument often misunderstood and underestimated. To achieve this, I have created the Nokkahuiluguru concert series, where I showcase the true beauty and versatility of the recorder. Additionally, I derive great pleasure from playing the saxophone in various contexts. I have experience performing saxophone gigs alongside a quartet and a DJ, as well as delivering captivating solo performances at private events and corporate parties. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy singing and have the ability to combine all of my skills in unique and engaging performances.

With several decades of experience in diverse gigs and performances, I am well-equipped to tackle new challenges. I am always open to fresh proposals and collaborations. Feel free to reach out to me, and together we can discuss and tailor a performance that best suits your specific needs and desires.

Selected performances

4.12.2023 Private event, Helsinki


20.12.2023 The church of St. Lawrence, Vantaa


21.1.2024 Ylöjärvi


26.1.2024 Musiikkitalo, Organo
Nokkahuiluguru / SibaFest


3.2.2024 Private event, Helsinki


5.2.2024 Private event, Helsinki


9.2.2024 TBA, Tamperee


9.3.2024 Ravintola / Klubi, Musiikkitalo



14.3.2024 TBA


27.3.2024 The Sibelius museum, Turku


25.4.2024 TBA


13.6.2024 TBA

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