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Discover versatile performances tailored for your celebrations and events! With decades of experience, I adapt seamlessly to any situation. Known for my cheerful and open personality, I receive abundant positive feedback from clients. 😎 Contact me to create an unforgettable entertainment experience!

Elegant and Delightful Solo Performance


Experience an intriguing and delightful solo performance on the saxophone, recorder, or through vocals. The repertoire can range from light music to classical, with the possibility to accommodate specific requests. This stylish performance is suitable for occasions such as wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, christenings, birthdays, corporate events, and other festive gatherings.

Atmospheric Background Music


I provide ambient background music tailored to the atmosphere of your event, performed on the tenor saxophone or the mellifluous recorder. The music I play is ideal for setting the tone during meals or gatherings, and the elegant instrument and skilled performer enhance the ambiance.

Saksofonisti saksofoni Eero Saunamäki.jpg

Saxophone and DJ!

Elevate the atmosphere at your parties with laid-back DJ music combined with soulful saxophone playing. The entire experience is elevated by top-notch sound equipment.

Recorder Guru - Experiential Concerts and Workshops


Do you consider the recorder to be the obligatory instrument of music education or even a subject of ridicule? After all, it's not even a real instrument, right?!? Let the Recorder Guru change your perception of the recorder!


Did you know that during the Baroque era, birds were taught to sing using the recorder? Or that recorders were actively used in royal courts throughout Europe during the Renaissance? And can you imagine that the recorder can be heard in some of the most popular Finnish songs from the 1980s? Not to mention that the largest recorders are over two meters long and that beatboxing can be done with the recorder?


These delightful facts and many more are revealed in my Recorder Guru presentation! The presentation can be arranged live or remotely. The recorder is definitely not just the familiar cream-colored plastic pipe from school; it is the world's most misunderstood instrument, surprising with its versatility and fascinating story!

Through me, you can also book larger ensembles:


- The Guard's Combo, known from the Presidential Palace receptions

- Tusan Brass, playing street jazz

- Saxophone player, DJ and a percussionist

- Saxophonist/singer and keyboardist

- The hilarious wind trio, The Karamzin Brothers

It's also possible to hire PA equipment!

PA Rental


I rent out a high-quality Lucas Nano 600 sound system. This extremely compact and convenient set is suitable for events with up to about a hundred people, for example, for solo performances or a small band. I have used this system for gigs with my quartet.

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