Besides a solo act, I also perform as a part of various ensembles, whose repertoire can be modified according to the customer's needs. Me or my bands/ensembles can perform in both public concerts and private occasions (corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, Christmas parties etc.). The variety of music of the ensembles spans from classical music to pop and rock music and from show acts to background music, easy listening and dance music. You can find music samples from the Media page.

Eero Saunamäki as a solo act

I perform as a solo saxophone or recorder player or as a vocalist in various events. My repertoire for the saxophone includes classical music from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as some lighter music (easy listening, pop, jazz) diversely according to the customer's needs. I also take personal wishes into account! On the recorder I can play Early music (from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque) and contemporary classical but also other musical styles - just ask!

The Guards Combo

The Guards Combo is an exquisite party band featuring a star vocalist, tight rhythm section and a horn section. The Guards Combo has provided tunes to dance to in a variety of events held by the Defence Forces and private companies, in addition to the live broadcasts from the Independence Day celebrations at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki. I am the leader, saxophone and recorder player and the singer of the Guards Combo. The Combo performs together with first-rate Finnish vocalists, plays a great variety of music and takes the customer's preferences into account when planning a performance.

Saxophone quartet Aava

Founded in 2013, saxophone quartet Aava is an energetic and versatile saxophone quartet formed by Finnish saxophone virtuosos. The members of the quartet are the top performers of their instrument who work in prominent places in the Finnish saxophone life. Their jobs include Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and The Guards Band. In addition, they also perform actively in Finland and abroad. The members of the Aava quartet have been studying in Sibelius Academy and the Paris Conservatoire for example, as well as on international master classes.

Saxophone quartet Aava has a wide repertoire, which consists of 19th and 20th century music written for saxophone quartet (composed by Francaix, Schmitt and Singelée for example), music influenced by jazz (composed by Gershwin, Lintinen and Bennett for example) and arrangements of well-known chamber music works (by Ligeti, Saint-Saëns and Shostakovich for example). Besides these programs we also have a broad selection of other works which can be used for background music or as lighter performance. These works range from Baroque to jazz and the composers are Händel, Joplin, Piazzolla and Mårtensson for example. The amount of works ready to be performed grows all the time, and you can also suggest some music we could play!

Joonatan Rautiola, soprano saxophone
Samu Metsänen, alto saxophone
Kalle Oittinen, tenor saxophone
Eero Saunamäki, baritone saxophone

Tusan Brass

Tusan Brass' strong sound and jazzy groove is based on the happiness of the Mardi Gras event in New Orleans. We play traditional brass band street music but also groovy cover music. The players of Tusan Brass are captivating soloists and entertainers!

Jermu Nyberg, trumpet

Tamas Paraczky, clarinet

Arto Lehtola, tenor saxophone

Eero Saunamäki, baritone saxophone and recorder

Jouko Auramo, trombone

Miika Jämsä, sousaphone

Oskari Auramo, percussion

Toni Kulku, percussion

Lifetime trio

Besides myself, the Lifetime trio consists of two pop music professionals; a keyboard player and a bass player. Lifetime has been performing in smaller scale private events for nearly a decade. The trio’s repertoire includes dance music as well as background jazz and is a particularly good band for a more intimate setting. Lifetime is a practical ensemble that does its job in a very professional manner.

Eero Saunamäki, saxophone and vocals
Mikko Seppänen, keyboards
Matti Rantala, bass

Femu Brass Band

Femu Brass Band consists of musicians from the top Finnish wind orchestra, the Guards Band. The band's basis is a brass quintet, and the speciality is the added drummer and vocal soloist. The repertoire is vast, consisting of traditional Oktoberfest music (of course!) and more common pop, rock and soul cover songs. The group's the main thing is to make people happy and dance! Femu has been a regular guest in various Oktoberfest events all over Finland and a house band in Rymy-Eetu restaurant in Helsinki. The band also does private events of course.

Eero Saunamäki, vocals
Antero Suvilaakso, trumpet
Jermu Koivukoski, trumpet
Jouko Auramo, trombone
Ansku Auramo, horn
Miika Jämsä, tuba
Thomas Rönnholm, drums

Duo Vesalainen & Saunamäki

Duo Eero Saunamäki (recorder) and Päivi Vesalainen (harpsichord) is an ensemble that plays all kinds of classical music from Renaissance to contemporary music with an open mind. The members of the duo are professionals in both early music and on a modern instrument. The duo gets inspired by improvisation and continuously searches for new repertoire for recorder and harpsichord.


Our duo has many interesting concert programmes that we have played in churches, music schools and festivals.

Duo Saunamäki

Duo Saunamäki is formed by me and my wife Anna Saunamäki. We are both professional recorder players. The historical duo consisting of two recorder players is a great choice if you want to listen to music from the Renaissance or Baroque era or from the modern times. Hand made instruments sound and look beautiful and create a whole different image of the recorder compared to the more common image of the classroom instrument. The duo has commissioned music from contemporary composers and performed in many European countries besides Finland (such as France, Germany and The Nordic Countries) in various occasions and festivals. Different concert programmes can be customized according to the customer's needs - one very popular act has been "Music from the birth of the Suomenlinna sea fortress - Nordic and European music from the 18th century" and also Baroque music as a background music.

Saxophone Trio Ava

Saxophone trio Ava is the sibling ensemble of Saxophone Quartet Aava; a trio formed by Samu Metsänen, Kalle Oittinen and Eero Saunamäki. The trio plays rarely heard but very good music on three saxophones. Currently the trio’s repertoire includes music from the Baroque times, French music from the 20th century, and contemporary Japanese music. The trio has also commissioned and premiered Tomi Räisänen's work for saxophone trio.